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Traditions are going to the past, nowadays it is really hard to define gender responsibilities in relationships. So many girls have no idea how to cook or to keep the house! The growing body of statistical data shows that an astonishing percent of females in western countries have no glance at how to prepare a hot meal. Anyway, although the sexual revolution has changed women in those countries, not every man is ready for that. Even in western countries there a plethora of those men who are still seeking out an accomplice with traditional values. That`s why they begin to look out of the box, in our situation anyplace outside the US, UK, Australia, Canada or New Zealand.

Lately, we had a talk with Yri, the founder of Ro***, a platform, which connects western guys with engaging Asian women. The platform is unlocked to apply, however, the reason why it attracts so many Asian ladies is that the gentlemen are expected to complete a short questionnaire to get certain they are ready for relationships, which defends the ladies from childish people looking for a brief-lived hookup. Yri has agreed to share a number of the insights as to why this intercontinental trend is on the upward push and the motives using each side; the men and the ladies: Asian women are strongly driven to begin a life with western men and the guys are also in search. Why? Let’s discover the question…

In our interview, Yri gave us quite a few insights into why Asian ladies are looking for the opportunity to depart overseas and spend their life with an almost complete stranger.

What was the reason to start the project?

Talking about an ordinary western guy and what he can to provide his spouse with, everything standard for the US, UK or Australia, including a residence, an automobile, and even a job are uncommon for so many Asian nations. The permanent struggle for a normal western lifestyle is a powerful motivational driver for Asians; actually, I was such a woman approximately a decade ago. I found a western guy, who became my husband and I started the Ro*** to give other girls the chance.

Any reason for a westerner to get in touch with an Asian woman?

Asian women are beautiful, charming, and known for high fidelity, but one will never understand how true it is until he meets an Asian woman himself. Nothing easier, just register on Ro*** and start communicating with one of those charming beings. It is a piece of common knowledge, that Asian wives are exceptional spouses, who sustain traditional gender roles already neglected by western females. One can uncover their values and ideals step by step while dating and understand if that is the kind of partner you’ve been looking for the whole life.

What makes Asian women an excellent spouse?

Numerous guys on Ro*** admit that women in western countries already lost their femininity. It is a horrible tendency among western women to wear “leisurewear” constantly and almost universally. So many of them appreciate comfort over pleasing appearance. At the same time, Asian females admire their womanhood by dressing up daily, western ladies rarely dress up, maybe only for exceptional events. Those, who are tired of women’s obsession with feministic conceptions, dressed in outfits suitable only for a male. Obviously, you should give Asian women a chance, and see how delicate and feminine they can be. Asian wives are conscious that they are women and never try to hide the delicate elegance nature has granted them.

Even those, who are not ready for marriage should at least once in their life try to build relationships with an Asian girl. Time spent with an intelligent woman with a curious mind, interesting ideas, and beliefs regarding various aspects of life, one will definitely enjoy. Most of the Asian ladies are quite educated and have a broad outlook. A bunch of Asian females studies foreign languages and learn about new cultures, they are well-read and nice to talk to. One will always find something to chat about on a date with them on a dating site.

Asian girls are beautiful, and it is indisputable, the body fitness and exotic appearance of Asian angels are distinctively different from those of caucasian women. Moreover, every girl is taught from her very childhood how to take care of herself and how to preserve her original beauty, consequently, most of them use very light makeup. Asian woman enjoys wearing high heels and light dresses that show their beauty. Leaving the house most of them choose their outfits thoughtfully when, and it’s not just for specific events. It’s an inherent feeling of dignity that leed them to look their best on an everyday basis.

Asian wives are faithful and really carrying, they support their man in every life situation at any given time. They will support him and stay by his side through the good and the bad sharing his joys and grief. She will eternally side with her bride and it doesn’t matter what other people say. They are loyal friends and constantly stay beyond when a man demands her advice or support. You should try it yourself, just chat with an Asian girl on Ro***! One of them simply may be the one you were dreaming about.

So, why these charming and intelligent ladies are searching for western guys?

More than 3,000 participants answered questionnaires on Ro*** revealing their main reasons for favoring western men and we obtained the next replies:

Western men take better care of their partners
Asian ladies searching men overseas consider that western men treat wives better than those from their own country. Western fellows are glad to present their women’s love and care. In many Asian countries, men usually show such care only at the start of relationships, and forget about such behavior as quickly as the relationship grows in something more serious.

They don’t like Asian men’s mentality
Most of the westerners take care of their appearance. In Asian countries, the term “metrosexual” is recognized as insulting. Asian men pay much less attention to hygiene and seldom have a sense of fashion. In contrast, western men are ready to invest in themselves, and their partners to let her take care of herself so that one will always be in her very best shape.

They look for a better life
Most Asian guys find it difficult to earn a sufficient sum of money to satisfy essential needs, not even talking about a western standard. Consequently, ladies usually have to worry regarding wages and often have to provide the men they have a bond with. Most of them desire to have someone they can rely on, a person who will take care of these needs. Any suggestions for individuals who may be curious about meeting a charming Asian lady? Just try! Based on our data, almost each and every girl enrolled on Ro*** is motivated at least to chat with a western guy. They’re nice and private chatting with them can be a very pleasant adventure. One never knows what it will result in after you get to know one of them a little better.


Yri provides us access to her web fellowship at Ro*** We found there a large number of incredibly charming and friendly women, intelligent and pleasant in communication. Unfortunately, we had to remind our tester, that this was a part of his job, and he is not supposed to fall in love with some of them. However, we should admit, that even though the platform is free of charge, the platform should somehow support the cost of servers and other infrastructure, that’s why some charges may apply gifts you want to send out to those female members. We wish Yri and her team at Ro*** all the best, and we thank her for giving us answers all those questions and providing access to the realm of international links.


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